Imagine . . .

  • a library where teens come to conduct citizen science activities, such as measuring tree growth or their community’s carbon footprint, facilitated by a librarian, but led by teens from idea generation to execution to reporting to their community.
  • facilitating young children to co-design a series of geo-locative programs based on the games and companion books that they play at the library and at home throughout the year

How can you become this kind of librarian? How can you help your public or school library become this place? The new, online Graduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Youth Experience (YX) is designed to give you these skills and more.


What is YX?

The YX certificate trains librarians to facilitate 21st century skill development among youth ages 0-18. At the completion of the online certificate, librarians will be able to:

  • Facilitate learning with technology in any physical, virtual, or hybrid learning environment using tested skills and practices for different types of youth.
  • Methods for engaging youth as co-designers using the design thinking process.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues, concepts, and policies related to youth-led learning and programming through libraries.
  • Implement best practices to be inclusive of all youth’s needs, in particular youth from disadvantaged populations;
  • Apply core theories and models from information science and learning sciences to address needs of youth; and
  • Partner with other cultural institutions and community organizations to help with youth programming, education, and other projects related to youth development.