All courses are taught online using a variety of tools to provide an interactive learning environment.

INST 650  Facilitating Youth Learning in Informal and Formal Environments

Foundational concepts in YX programs and services, principles in working with youth and children, introduction to theory/approaches to inquiry, resources, and services related to the information needs and interests of youth and children.


INST 651  Promoting Rich Learning with Technology

Key theories about how people learn, types of learning that can happen with technology, and integration of technologies to facilitate rich learning experiences.


INST 652  Design Thinking and Youth

Youth-driven learning environments, participatory design, and design thinking that inform library practices with youth for youth using design principles. 


INST 794  Capstone in YX

Students will leverage existing community partnerships or build new partnerships that will allow them to put all the skills that they have learned in the first three courses into practice.