Application FAQ

Q: Who can apply?

A: Any public OR school librarian who already holds their MLS or MLIS degree.

Q: What type of financial support is available for the 2018-2019 cohort of YX librarians?

A: Limited scholarships, generously supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, are available on a competitive basis.

Q: How should I complete the “Educational Intent” section on the application?

A: Under “Term of Entrance” select “Summer I 2018.” Under “Graduate Educational Intent,”

        1. “College/School,” select “College of Information Studies”
        2. “Intended Program of Study” select “Youth Experience (Z113)”
        3. “Degree” select “CERT GR”

 Under “Area of Interest I,” select “Not Applicable”

Note: You may leave “Testing Registration Numbers” blank, as the GRE is not required for the application. 

Q: How should I complete the “Previous Education” section of the application?

A: At the bottom of each screen for each school you have attended, click on the gray “Upload Document” button to upload an UNOFFICIAL copy of your transcripts for that school

        • Each transcript that is uploaded for review purposes is considered UNOFFICIAL. If you are admitted into the program and you accept, you must send an OFFICIAL copy of your transcripts for each institution you’ve attended to the following address:

University of Maryland College Park

Enrollment Services Operation

Attn: Graduate Admissions Room 0130 Mitchell Building

College Park, MD 20742

Q: I’m interested in viewing a YX information session recording.

A: You can check out our meeting slides and the entire Webex meeting recording by following this link.

Q: I still need help with my application. 

A: For application-specific questions, please contact Emily Dacquisto at

Q: I have a YX program question. 

A: All YX certificate-related questions can be emailed to